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International Outreach

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One of the pleasures of my current job is the annual opportunity to interact with professionals from around the world, thanks to the International Visitor Leadership Program. During these interactions, I share with the visiting delegations how regional government works in the Virginias.

Pi: Quiet Musing
Mayoral Delegation from the Republic of Tajikistan, 2006

Pi: Quiet Musing
Public and Private Sector Delegation from the Russian Federation, 2005

I always end my presentation on regional governance and SIS with a quick display of Google Earth when we try to locate the remote places the delegation members come from. As can be deduced from these pictures, the members stand in rapt attention of how one private enterprise gives back to the greater common good.

* Theories and Approaches in Local Government Studies

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January 24th, 2006 at 8:09 pm

Top 10 Technology Trends for 2006 [“comment”]

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1. First there were WiFi hotspots, then hot zones [“even more so”]
2. Cell phones do everything [“right-on”]
3. Internet phone calls become more popular now that major Web companies are making it easier [“about time”]
4. The [MS] Office moves to the Web. Documents, e-mail and spreadsheets move off your desktop computer to the Web [“about time”]
5. Stem-cell research advances despite legal challenges [“right-on”]
6. Biotechs target flu vaccines [“right-on, same for other vaccines”]
7. Even small start-ups go global [“even more so”]
8. Video comes to the blog [“refer to 9”]
9. On-demand video everywhere [“refer to 2”]
10. Clean technologies [“even more so”]

More crystal ball gazing:

• A tough year ahead for Sony [“fate deserved, although XBox would probably hurt more”]
• AJAX cleans up the Web [“impressive”]
• Cracks appear in Apple’s iTunes shiny armor [“would take more, but also refer to hymn“]
• Telco companies get ensnared in a domestic eavesdropping scandal [“a very tight-rope”]
• A video search company is acquired by a major player [“iFilm?”]
• Municipal Wi-Fi [“refer to South Korea and Japan“]
• Silicon Photonics [ ~ ‘integrating light with silicon’]
• Social Machines [ ~ ‘social web’]
• Search [“Google“!]
• Feeds [“RSS and podcasting and videos, need I say more?”]

Technology Review

• Gates on Vista
• Directions Magazine takes a swing

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January 6th, 2006 at 6:04 pm

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