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Top 10 Technology Trends for 2006 [“comment”]

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1. First there were WiFi hotspots, then hot zones [“even more so”]
2. Cell phones do everything [“right-on”]
3. Internet phone calls become more popular now that major Web companies are making it easier [“about time”]
4. The [MS] Office moves to the Web. Documents, e-mail and spreadsheets move off your desktop computer to the Web [“about time”]
5. Stem-cell research advances despite legal challenges [“right-on”]
6. Biotechs target flu vaccines [“right-on, same for other vaccines”]
7. Even small start-ups go global [“even more so”]
8. Video comes to the blog [“refer to 9”]
9. On-demand video everywhere [“refer to 2”]
10. Clean technologies [“even more so”]

More crystal ball gazing:

• A tough year ahead for Sony [“fate deserved, although XBox would probably hurt more”]
• AJAX cleans up the Web [“impressive”]
• Cracks appear in Apple’s iTunes shiny armor [“would take more, but also refer to hymn“]
• Telco companies get ensnared in a domestic eavesdropping scandal [“a very tight-rope”]
• A video search company is acquired by a major player [“iFilm?”]
• Municipal Wi-Fi [“refer to South Korea and Japan“]
• Silicon Photonics [ ~ ‘integrating light with silicon’]
• Social Machines [ ~ ‘social web’]
• Search [“Google“!]
• Feeds [“RSS and podcasting and videos, need I say more?”]

Technology Review

• Gates on Vista
• Directions Magazine takes a swing

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