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Follow Up [2]: Debating Net Neutrality: A Nutshell

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Quotes from the recent Net Neutrality Hearings:

David L. Cohen, Vice-President, Comcast– ‘…on a “very limited basis” Comcast was delaying traffic in limited areas when there is heavy traffic.'”Don’t let the rhetoric of some of the critics scare you- there is nothing wrong with network management. Every network is managed.”

Tim Wu, Professor, Columbia Law School– “I have this terrible fear we are going to have an exam after this on what is reasonable network management. And we are all going to fail.”

FCC to Act on Delaying of Broadband Traffic [NYT]
Network Management

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February 25th, 2008 at 8:34 pm

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Follow Up [1]: Debating Net Neutrality: A Nutshell

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June 24th, 2007 at 4:30 am

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Debating Net Neutrality: A Nutshell

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The Coming Internet Traffic Jam: “…argument on government legislation. It is a false argument that some proponents of non-neutrality wish to spread. Surely, in this age of war-profiteers turning in record-breaking quarters, loose monopolies of mergers and bundles, debatable price gouging etc, it is a little naive to want to believe that all the companies involved will tow some good line on the other side of short-term profits for the greater common good.

If anything, some private companies interfere with day-to-day governance through unabashed lobbying and kickback offerings, creating grossly unfair access to government.

If a government legislation has caused long-term damage in the past, the legislation must be refined or redone and the legislators should be unelected, not have the people’s say through ‘smart legislation’ be silenced.”
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• Making Public Policy: A Nutshell
• Wanted: Proactive Policies

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May 13th, 2007 at 11:05 pm

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Making Public Policy: A Nutshell

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Nutshell: “‘Substituting tax-increase with state lottery’ [Policy – Director/Manager/Planner] as a means to generate additional revenue. Here, it becomes important to first find the ‘percentage of non-gamblers/gamblers/disinterested in the effected constituency’ [Information – Spatial Analyst] because ‘opposition to such a move is more likely to come from non-gamblers’ [Theory – Planner]”.

Nutshell adapted from [Skinner, B. Beyond Freedom and Dignity. 1971].

Such a policy-decision can then be supported by any of the many preferred values for its successful adoption: Religious Value- ‘Scriptures say lottery is a sin, but taxing is a bigger sin. Hence…’; Nerdy Value- ‘People who are weak in probability must pay for it. Hence…’; and so on.

By similarly lopsiding options and obfuscating issues, policy-makers often nudge the intellectually lethargic mass along a preferred course.

*• “There is no subjugation as perfect as the one which keeps the appearance of freedom, for in that way, it captures volition itself” [Rousseau, Jean-Jacques].
•* Political Equilibrium
* Operant Conditioning
Pi: Quiet Musing
SOL = Standard of Life
c = Consumers
l = Labor
p = Producers
e = Environmental Resources

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February 22nd, 2005 at 7:44 pm

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Wanted: Proactive Policies

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What is the most effective method to spread the digital wave, especially of the spatial kind, in rural communities and developing countries? The following links offer some fodder, although Korea left the company of developing nations some time ago. A lot of talk has centered around the potential of wireless to bridge the digital chasm between the Knows and the Know-nots in places lacking adequate infrastructure.

• “Broadband Korea”
• “Broadband Wonderland”
• “South Korea leads the way”

More musing on this topic with time.

• Political Equilibrium

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November 14th, 2004 at 6:40 pm

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