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Backdoor Buyer

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Oracle -> Sun -> MySQL

Positioning Timeline

* Oracle buys PeopleSoft (2004)
Ending a long-running and bitter battle: “We won’t do any other major mergers ($200 million plus) until it’s clear to us we have integrated this one to our satisfaction.” (Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle)

* Oracle buys Siebel (2005)
Customer Relationship Management: “Oracle becomes CRM applications company.” (Larry Ellison)

* Oracle buys InnoDB used by MySQL (2005)
Oracle buying Innobase: “If Oracle thought it was threatened by MySQL, this was a very easy move.” (Paola Lubet, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Solid Information Technology)

* Oracle tries to buy MySQL (2006)
Why he turned down Oracle’s offer: the desire to keep his company’s independence: “They’re obviously entrenched in different areas of the market. But is there overlap in the middle? Sure.” (Stephen O’Grady, Analyst, Redmonk)

* Oracle buys opensource embedded Sleepycat (2006)
Linux and BSD UNIX operating systems, and Apache web server, embed Berkeley DB: Embedded databases also include Oracle Lite (mobile) and Oracle TimesTen (in-memory). (Oracle)

* Sun buys MySQL (2008)
We’re acquiring MySQL: “The world’s most popular opensource database.” (Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and President, Sun)

* Oracle buys Sun (2009)
Solaris is the leading platform for the Oracle database, Oracle’s largest business: While Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle’s fastest growing business, is built on top of Java. (Sun)

* Gartner (2007)
Oracle’s database etc sales: $8.3 billion (up 14.9%) | Market share: 47.9%->48.6%
IBM’s DB2 etc sales: $3.5 billion (up 10%) | Market share: 21.3%->20.7%
Microsoft’s SQL Server etc sales: $3.1 billion (up 16.5%) | Market share: 17.6%->18.1%
Total database sales: $17.1 billion
* Softwar: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle
* Jonathan Schwartz (conspicuously MIA from his blog in recent days)
* MySQL Resurrection?
* PostgreSQL > MySQL > Drizzle > SQLite
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